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Sit back and enjoy your pool or spa

We’ll take care of the maintenance and cleaning

Volusia County’s most-trusted pool and spa service

Volusia County’s Most-Trusted Pool Service



Customers depend on Blue Tropic Pool Service to care for, clean and maintain their pools. We’re there when you expect us.

Fast and Friendly

If something unexpected happens to your pool or spa, Blue Tropic Pool Service will be there when you need us. Our friendly staff is always there to serve you.


Blue Tropic Pool Service is not only Volusia County’s most-trusted pool and spa service, we’re also the area’s most affordable. Call us today to see how competitive our prices are.

Regular maintenance is the key to enjoying and protecting your pool and spa investment for years to come, and you can rely on Blue Tropic Pool Service for its continuing care, cleaning and service. Our worry-free maintenance program keeps your pool, spa and aquatic environments clean, attractive and functioning properly.

Blue Tropic Pool Service

We love what we do and you will, too!

Pool Cleaning

We provide maintenance & services to make your pool more enjoyable. Chemicals are included with all of our services.

Pool Repairs

Keep your pool running properly & well maintained. We have full knowledge of pool equipment, plumbing and inner workings.

Perfectly Balanced

We balance all of the chemicals in the water, which includes chlorine, salt, ph, alkalinity, acid demand, and more.

Sit Back
and Relax

Don’t spend time that you could be enjoying your pool or spa with family and friends cleaning and taking care of your pool. Blue Tropic Pool Service will keep everything looking and operating like new while you sit back and relax.

Blue Tropic Pool Service is here to take care of your residential pool or spa or your commercial aquatic environments. We deliver a worry-free pool experience for our customers. Unbalanced pools can be harmful to swimmers and damaging to your pool and equipment. Blue Tropic Pool Service takes the work, worry and hassle out of cleaning and maintaining your pool. See for yourself why we are Volusia County’s most-trusted pool and spa service company.